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Compose/ Remix/ Cover Kids song/music


We are capable of remix/cover songs that you like or even compose a new one according to your own requirements, from up-beats, happy songs to a melodic lullaby just for your kids55

Changing your voice to dub a film

Service Description

You are a standalone producer or you don’t have a partner who can help you to voice actors in your movie with a variety of vocal classes.

If you are having trouble making voiceovers, let us help you!

We have ability to manipulate, transform the original accent into sounds of children, adults, devils, elders, aliens, monsters,…

Create an animated video for your music product

Service Description

You want to create an illustrated video for your music product (single, audiobook, radio ...).
However, the special thing is that we will give you a complete video with ANIMATION.
Interestingly, we can make your own animated characters and participate directly in your video, just send us your portraits.5

Online Mastering

Service Description

Mastering is the last step in music production to complete a piece of music before delivering a Master CD to the Producer, or CD Replication Company and finally reaching the listeners.
If you have a good mix and want to have a perfect, balanced, warm, loud but still natural that can be heard on many different systems, So it needs to be Mastering. Mastering a music file is:20

Online Mixing

Service Description

Mix music is a work, stage has the technical aspects of the production process of a music product. It balances the volume of the instruments, adds, cuts and edits other aspects of the audio output to have a perfect product.75


Service Description

Ø  Do you want to have a song for your friends, relatives on the occasion of birthday, anniversary ...?
ØDo you want to own a song for a company, event, department, class, organization or group ... bearing the trademark of your place of work?180

Design impressive Disc’s covers by your own

Service description

Would you like to design a disc cover to release a single, or a certain piece of music, such as a set of music teaching materials, group or personal introduction videos ...?

We have ability to design for you a disc cover extremely eye-catching, professional, impressive and attractive when introducing products.

Design unique postcards

Service Description

Business card is an important business tool, it makes the first impression to create certain trust in dealing with customers. It stores your contact information in the customer's contacts.

So if you're opening an instrument shop, a music school, a record store or any music business; Then you need a professional designed business card, which will help your customers choose the store of business cards and also show your respect to customers.

Design professional logos

Service Description

What is Logo? Logo is not just a representative image of a company or organization, it is also a message that its owner wants to send to the community.

For a business, logo design is a very  important, but they are not focused. Here are some reasons for designing your logo:

Create a simple Acoustic version by piano or guitar


Service Description

You want to make a simple orchestral version of Acoustic for a light composition or any cover.
We can help you with this requirement, with acoustic guitar or piano recorded right in our studio.

In addition, we also support another instrument as Drum (Cajon, Bongo, Conga, ...) if you have additional requirements.

Separate acapella from any songs

Service Description

Acapella has a lot of meanings, but in the remix / cover or remake category, Acapella is often referred to solo or part-singing, which means only vocal, no beat.

You want to remix / cover / remake a song but doesn't have acapella

A remixed music product of good quality always needs the clearest acapella, the perfect acapella that will completely detach from the beat.

Create your own Mashup

Service Description

Mashup is a popular trend among young people who love music. A lot of Mash ups on the Internet have attracted attention from the internet community for its unique, interesting.
Young people are becoming excited and feel free to create a mashup